Established in 2002, Masmeyer Holdings Sdn Bhd is a diversified holdings company specialising primarily in four core businesses:-

  • Property Development
  • Construction & Project Consultancy
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Billboard Advertising

The four core business units of the Company are synergistically formulated in such a way that they complement each other effectively, empowering the Company to provide solutions that are both comprehensive and cost effective.

The Company had its fair share of ups and downs and went through many stages of major transformations throughout its journey in business. Drawing from these experiences, Masmeyer successfully emerged as a formidable market force that it is today.

Masmeyer was awarded the Business of The Year Award in 2007 and the Golden Bull Award in 2008, further making its mark in the business world. United with a bullish outlook ahead, Masmeyer's journey continues.


In the year 2002, Dato' Choo Beng Kai took on the helm of the Company as Group Managing Director. He was driven by sheer determination and had a clear-sighted vision to deploy his insights and industry-leading innovations to create an impact and take the company to a whole new level of growth and success. This simply stemmed from his belief that while Masmeyer had a rich history, it was vital for the legacy to be propelled further to achieve new breakthroughs and soar to greater heights.

Thus began a season of change, that spurred the developing of new ideas, new perspectives and new paths to venture into. It was a team-driven effort where the commitment and dedication of key players and our people ensured we remain focused on our goals and achieve a high level of excellence in every project we developed.

Today we take pride in having built landmark projects that have enhanced the lifestyles of people across the nation. Dato' Choo's visionary leadership, dynamic attitude and well-executed moves were pivotal in securing strategic projects in joint venture with Government-linked companies such as UDA Holdings Berhad, PKNK, Rakyat Hartanah Sdn Bhd, Koperasi Polis Diraja Berhad and Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan.

The accolades, awards and recognitions we have received since then are testament of making our presence felt in an indelible way in the competitive real estate development and building construction industries

The Company diversified into construction and project consultancy, property investment as well as billboard advertising, creating a unique synergy among the three core businesses we know today. This helped ensure higher quality. cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.

The future to us is filled with expansive possibilities and our continued success depends on our steadfast commitment to achieve the vision we have set for ourselves.



To provide practical homes for 100,000 families


Build for the deserving ones


Customer First
Founder mindset
Continuous Self-Improvement