• Masmeyer (Perak) Sdn Bhd (874187-T)
  • Masmeyer Prosperity Sdn Bhd (874189-W)
  • Masmeyer Timur Sdn Bhd (1001924-X)
  • Masmeyer Borneo Sdn Bhd (RC/00008019)
  • Perkanas Development Sdn Bhd (807715-P)
  • Perkanas Sdn Bhd (559140-V)
  • BKSC Properties Sdn Bhd (713540-U)
  • BKSC Development Sdn Bhd (551269-H)
  • BKSC Success Sdn Bhd (1055988-D)
  • BKSC Prima Sdn Bhd (1055965-T)
  • Nusantulin Development Sdn Bhd (574992-W)
  • Borneo Resource Synergy Sdn Bhd (711743-D)
  • PKB Bina Sdn Bhd (489831-W)

Actively involved in the sector since 1969, Masmeyer's property development arm, through its wholly owned susidiaries, has spread its wings to plenty of locations - ranging from Sungai Petani, Alor Setar all the way to Perak.

Forging ahead, the Company is currently developing 2 high-profile projects namely Marinox Sky Villas and Milrow in Tanjung Tokong, Penang. A joint-venture with UDA Holdings Berhad, Marinox Sky Villas comprises 2 blocks of sea view luxury condominium with a total of 301 units. Adjacent to Marinox Sky Villas, Milrow consists of 17 generously sized bungalow plots where buyers can choose a plot and build their very own dream villa

  • Masmeyer Engineering Sdn Bhd (580162-W)

Through its wholly owned subsidiary Masmeyer Engineering Sdn Bhd, Masmeyer has been conducting construction and related consultancy works since 2002. Masmeyer Engineering Sdn Bhd's expertise covers several key areas in construction such as earthwork, road and drainage, external and internal plumbing, M&E, building structure, STP, reservoir and landscaping.

Every project undertaken by Masmeyer Engineering Sdn Bhd is carried out with utmost care and the highest quality standards in line with the Company's Mission and Vision. The strong commitment to quality has helped generate a large portfolio of satisfied customers, which translates into consistently favourable financial performances for Masmeyer.

  • Masmeyer Management Sdn Bhd (806395-U)

Real estate investment strategies for the Company are formulated under a wholly owned subsidiary, Masmeyer Management Sdn Bhd. Real estate investment forms an integral part of the Company's long term growth.

Masmeyer Management Sdn Bhd identifies lands and commercial buildings with potential and after conducting a thorough research, acquires these assets. Commercial buildings can provide favourable rental income while land acquisitions can add to the Company's land bank, a crucial asset for future development.

  • Masmeyer Synergy Sdn Bhd (959885-T)

Engaging in billboard advertising forms part of Masmeyer's plan to foster even greater collaboration among its many business units. Properties and billboard advertising for instance, go hand in hand.

Billboards placed in strategic locations help promote.the Company's products and services effectively. Correspondingly, running its own billboard advertising also gives Masmeyer greater control over its advertising campaigns.



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